Friday, September 5, 2014

Natural Stone Care: The Avoid List

Natural stone care is necessary to keep your stone from being damaged.  And believe us, if you don't know what you're doing, it is very easy to damage stone.
Get Stone Care Los Angeles | (310) 545-8750
Get Stone Care Los Angeles | (310) 545-8750

Stone Care 101:  Hold the Wine, Hold the Lemon

A lot of times when people think of red wine spill on a floor surface, they think it is on a white carpet, and call a carpet cleaning service. However, what a lot of people don't know is that something as simple as spilling a glass of wine, red or not can have a disastrous effect on a stone surface.  If your stone is calcium based such as travertine, limestone, or marble, not only can it stain your stone, it can also start to dissolve your stone, and it isn't just wine that can do this.
One of our clients was all about white vinegar.  She had hardwood floors in her living room, and a small combination of white vinegar and water is very effective for cleaning a hardwood floor between visits.  Well, she thought the same would hold true for cleaning stone tile.  If you're face-palming at this moment while saying "oh no," congratulations.  You have a firm grasp on the problem.  She found that in places where she sprayed her marble floor heavily, her stone was feeling rough.  This is because the vinegar was literally eating away at her stone.  She was lucky though.  Marble can be brought back if the surface isn't too far gone.
In fact, a bit of stone honing and marble polishing can bring up the polish in marble fairly quickly and easily.  After we cleaned it, and sealed it, we cautioned her never to use white vinegar or anything acidic on her floor again.  And a lot of people don't know how much is acidic.  Here's a short list of things never to put on any stone surface or spill: bleach, coffee, orange juice, lemonade, all forms of vinegar, wine, and you even have to be careful with tap water.

Natural Stone Care: Final Points to Consider

Tap water?  What's wrong with tap water?  Well for one thing, a lot of tap water has trace amounts of chlorine in it, essentially bleach.  In addition if you wet mop your stone and don't dry it properly, it can attract bacteria that can eat away at your marble.   Marble for all of it's beauty is one of the hardest stones to care for where natural stone care is concerned.
So, remember, knowledge is power.  Know what you can do with your natural stone as well as what you can't.  And when you want to be sure call a stone cleaning service in Los Angeles.
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