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A Different Type of Natural Stone Care: Confessions of a Stone Cleaning Service in Manhattan Beach (Conclusion)

Stain identification and the way to remove it is a big part of professional commercial stone restoration in Manhattan Beach.
Professional Results WIth Your Stone Care Experts in the South Bay | 310-545-8750
Professional Results WIth Your Stone Care Experts in the South Bay | 310-545-8750

Knowing Stains is Part of What We Do as a Stone Care Service

As we covered previously, because of the beating stone can take from day to day wear and tear and environmental issues your stone will from time to time need to be restored with the help of a professional stone restoration service in Manhattan Beach. And this may involve several processes such as: using formulated cleaning products that will not damage the stone but remove unwanted substances, consolidating treatments that are used for stabilizing and preserving stone, and repairs of, or replacing broken and damaged stone and grout.Biological stains such as mildew, algae, moss and fungi should be cleaned with half a cup of ammonia, bleach or hydrogen peroxide to a gallon of water.
Knowing stains and how to remove them is important, just as the proper way to restore natural stone.
Ink stains can be removed but the color of the stone should be considered.  Avoid harsh chemicals.  Sometimes rubbing alcohol is a good way to remove ink.
Water spots and water rings can be removed by buffing with a fine steel wool.Fire and smoke damage naturally occurring in fire places, will require a thorough cleaning however, smoke remover compounds will save time and effort.
Etch marks are caused by acids on the surface of the stone. While some acids will only etch the stone finish, others will both etch and scratch the stone. When the stain has been removed you should wet the surface with clean water and apply a little marble polishing powder. Rub the powder onto the stone using a damp cloth or use a buffing pad on a low powered electric or battery operated drill. Keep buffing until the etch mark disappears, or call in a professional to restore your stone.

Stone Cleaning and Polishing

Efflorescence should be dust mopped or vacuumed a number of times and water should not be used to get rid of the powder as it will just return. If it does not disappear contact those that installed the stone to help you identify and get rid of the moisture causing it.
Scratches and nicks if small can be buffed away with a fine steel wool. However deeper scratches and nicks will require you calling in a professional to repair and polish it.
As you see, cleaning stone is often difficult.  You might wish to contact a professional stone restoration service in Manhattan Beach.
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